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Use this form for all boat appraisals including but not limited to boat insurance appraisals, cabin cruiser appraisals, cargo ship appraisals, commercial boat appraisals, house boat appraisals, marine surveys, sail boat appraisals, stated-value boat appraisals, even tug boat appraisals and yacht appraisals.

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Choose a Boat Appraiser Who Knows Your Area

A boat appraisal can change according to the area in which you live. For example, if your boat is subjected to salt water elements, its value may be lessened. A good boat appraiser will check the engine, the materials with which the boat was built and whether or not it is approved by the Coast Guard.

The appraiser will give you a full assessment of the condition and value of the boat based on his or her experience. You can use the report when purchasing a particular boat or selling one.

You can also request a boat appraisal online. There are sites that offer an assessment of your boat’s general condition (inside and out) and will determine the estimated market value. However, you’ll need an inspection by a certified boat appraiser to determine a true value of the boat if the purpose of the appraisal is for financing, tax donation above $5,000, divorce, estate or bankruptcy proceeding.