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Fidelity offers you highly professional multi-line commercial appraisal services at a reasonable price.

We provide the most innovative valuation strategies in combination with unprecedented industry-leading turn-times. We are unbiased multi-line and certified general commercial appraisers who are committed to the principles of reliability, expediency and fairness. Our value assessment procedures are conducted in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and other professional appraisal guidelines.

Appraisals are necessary for the purposes of financing, insurance underwriting requirements, legal matters, divorce settlement, estate settlement, tax matters, charitable donation tax filing requirements, value dispute resolution, bankruptcy, mergers, acquisitions, partner buyouts, business planning, financial reporting, due diligence and more.

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  • Certified Appraisals and Valuation Reports.
  • USPAP Conforming Reports using Licensed State-Certified Appraisers.
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  • Rush Service is always available if needed.
  • Fidelity Appraisals is your source for fully qualified appraisers throughout the United States.

To ensure that you receive an accurate appraisal, it’s important that you utilize a reputable appraisal company with certified commercial appraisers. At Fidelity Appraisals, we offer reliable appraisals for your property and assets that are performed by qualified experts nationwide.

Fidelity specializes in commercial real estate appraisals and equipment appraisals including all types of commercial property, machinery and equipment. Your appraisals will be done by experienced, fully licensed, Certified General commercial real estate appraisers. Fidelity also routinely provides certified vehicle appraisals, boat appraisals and aircraft appraisals. When choosing to hire Fidelity appraisal services you are deciding to receive a reliable certified appraisal.

At Fidelity we listen to your needs and preferences and can provide a customized solution for you personally. Whether you only need the basics, or a full unrestricted commercial appraisal report, we are always ready to assist you.

Moreover, depending on your specific use of the commercial appraisal, we can often provide money and time saving alternatives such as Desktop Appraisal and Market Study reports.

We provide property appraisers that include but are not limited to licensed certified general commercial real estate appraisers, auto appraisers, senior certified aircraft appraisers, boat appraisers and marine surveyors, motorcycle appraisers, RV appraisers, heavy truck appraisers, and master certified machinery and equipment appraisers. Our company does care about our customers and offer highly professional commercial appraisal.

Please visit our order appraisals page for appraisal order forms, if you are ready to place your order. If you would like more information about Fidelity’s services, please submit a request, email us or call us at 888-285-1088