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Use this aircraft appraisal order form for all aircraft appraisals including but not limited to small airplane appraisals, commercial aircraft appraisals, experimental aircraft appraisals, helicopter appraisals, jet aircraft appraisals, military aircraft appraisals, private aircraft appraisals, stated-value aircraft appraisal and vintage aircraft appraisals.

Get a Reasonably-Priced Aircraft Appraisal

Since 1980, the National Aircraft Appraisers Association has established standards for appraisers who can appraise the value of a variety of aircrafts, both in the United States and in some foreign countries. Choosing Fidelity Appraisals ensures that you will get a nationally certified aircraft appraiser based on proven qualifications at a reasonable price for any aircraft appraisal.

If you’re a potential buyer of an aircraft, you’ll want to be sure to get an appraisal of the aircraft before you sign on the dotted line. If you’re selling your aircraft, you’ll want to be sure you’re asking the fair market value.

Looking for a loan to purchase an aircraft might be a problem unless you have an aircraft appraisal from a qualified appraiser. Lenders want to verify an aircraft’s worth before they risk money to give you a loan.

Whatever your reason for needing an aircraft appraisal, know that it can be a valuable tool to give and receive accurate information about the aircraft so that you or others can make an informed decision.